Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Periplus Online-Bookstore Review/Experience

Warning: This post contents extreme excitement ;)
This is my first time reviewing a bookshop/bookstore so I may miss something in this post.
Firstly I’ve known about P+ since a year ago or so but I never had the chance to actually place an order here because TBD was cheaper (I’ll explain about this soon kay :p).
(+)there'll be no meme because, I don't think you want to see me running around the halls :D

I will skip some basic parts such as sign-in, placing order, or checkout because I’m sure you all know how to do it :D But basically P+ has several payment methods.

I placed my order at P+ on May 8th 2014 and paid directly because I used Visa card to pay. I got an email in the afternoon that said my order had been proceed and another mail that my payment had been received as well! About shipping, P+ has free shipping to my town if my order is more than Rp 250.000. No worries then~

And I got another unexpected mail, it has E-Voucher in it. Even it’s just 10k but I’ll use it well on my next order. Thanks P+, but you can send me more actually, I don't mind ;)

I was expecting to get my books by the end of May or beginning of June because 2 out of 3 books that I ordered needed to be imported first. So yes, I didn’t expect much. But today (May 20th 2014)! I was dying because I had nothing-that-I-want-to-read to read and it’s holiday, I didn’t do anything and super bored and AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAIL DOOBEEDOOBEDAAMMMM <33333 I shouted, for real. I did. I kept saying,
sorry for the caps, I warned you guys!
I even did high note XD lucky no one’s home. Or else somebody’s gonna think that there’s something burned.

I was expecting a bigger box tbh XD I LOVE BOXESSSS! Kinda confused how to open it because too much excitement <3 This was how it looked like after I opened the box with much effort like crazy.
As you can see, the books were still in their plastic-wraps. That means another thing to tear hahaha. And of course they came in perfect conditions!
Finally, my books, a bookmark (I really hope to get 3 since I ordered 3 books tho :c ), and receipt. It was such an amazing experience for my first time shopping at P+. The books came super fast (12 days without holiday and 7 business days!) and I’m so happy right now <3

  • Books on site aren’t complete. The site provides more popular books but sometimes missing the rest of the series (if it’s part of series).
  • Not so update with new releases. When a book is on trend, P+ doesn't have it on their main page. It’d be better if we also can follow the worldwide’s trends right?
  • Bargain books alert. Sometimes I found cheap books but out of stock yet it’s still there :((
  • Physical store needed in my town! I live in Bogor and there’s no P+ store near my town. I need to go to Jakarta which will take more time on the way than at the store itself </3 Dear P+, please, I guarantee there are a lot of booknerds in here \o/
  • Order history updates aren’t so helping. Yesterday I checked that my imported books weren’t in P+ warehouse yet, but then the receipt showed that yesterday my books were shipped from their warehouse.
  • Customer service, hmm…I mailed asking about the P+ membership that confused me but they didn’t reply until now. No *shakes head*

  • Super fast! I didn’t expect to be this fast. It’s not even 12 business days yet P+! Luvvaahhps: My order from TBD hasn’t arrived yet, it’s been 28 days for serious *sighs*
  • Discount voucher and promotions are everywhere! (Visit their website because I don’t have any idea where to start explaining OuO)
  • Free shipping to my town! I don’t need to worry about the shipping anymore EXCEPT my order’s less than Rp 250.000
  • Stable price. P+ doesn’t have a lot of changes with the prices. BookDepository’s price always changes and we need to check the currency as well. I used to order a lot from TBD, but these days TBD price keeps increasing. It’s not even about the currency anymore </3 But P+ price is a lot cheaper now, my heart is yours P+

I think that’s all I can tell about my-first-and-not-going-to-be-the-last-time shopping experience at Periplus. It’s so satisfying and because all the reasons I mentioned above, this is so going to be my favorite bookstore!

Special thanks to Kak Stefanie – The Bookie-Looker that finally made me placed an order here <3

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  1. YAYY~! And is that the shatter me series you got thereee ? :O
    Tell me what you think about it if you're finished ;D♥♥