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Review: The Selection by Kiera Cass

Title: The Selection
Author: Kiera Cass
Format: Paperback, International, 327 pages
ISBN: 0062203134 
ISBN13: 9780062203137
Published April 24th 2012 by Harper Collins USA

Finished on May 12th 2014 
In a country called Illéa, the king's son was looking for a wife. The Selection was the way to pick a girl to be Prince Maxon's wife. America Singer was forced to do so. 
Beyond her will, she had to leave her love behind. But then, Aspen, the one she loved also asked her to join the Selection. And even she doubted that out of thousands girls she will be picked, she was picked.

There were 35 girls, well 34 girls actually competing to get Maxon's heart. And there was America who had no intend for it, caught the prince's heart. 

Oh well well well, I also had no intend to read this tbh but it was on my list and when I saw it at bookstore, I just couldn't say no to not to pick it up. Here I am wanting more of this piece of art *sighs*
The first thing caught my attention was the min character's name. "Seriously?! America Singer?!!" The first time I read it I was like, "Okay, is this mean she is American and she is a singer?". But I figured out that it was actually her name, for real XD and to be honest, yes it was quite bothering when I read. 
I had to adjust myself while reading a new book that I barely heard. So it was quite slow for the 20 first pages but I already enjoyed it. The problem was introduced since beginning and I really loved that kind of book ;3. Since it mentioned about the Selection and the prince from the start, I was sooo excited to actually read more about the prince. 
I absolutely loved how it went from the half of the book till the end. I loved the twists, I loved the characters and the set! It felt like a Barbie-like story that set in a dystopian world. I had to admit that it went a little bit too Barbie-ish that I thought it's kinda cliché. I guessed few things right but still, the twist surprised me.
My favorite character....was hard to choose. Aspen or Maxon.....I couldn't actually pick one until I finished the first book. I read the novella just then and it's basically telling a little part of the story from Maxon's side. So I have to say TEAM MAXON ALL THE WAY hahaha. Maxon was one guy who seemed so lost about girls just like how princes in the fairy tale were told. But there was some part of him that's he's really heart-warming, gentle, and funny as well which made me fall for him. Okay, love him, because falling would be hurt. 
And about America, sometimes I really hate a story that has love triangle in it because the girl usually being so greedy and that's actually the reason it's hard to choose. Even if I don't like that part of her, I still love her. I mean, it will be less annoying if only she knew who to choose. Oh dear America. But other than that, I loved her. Read and you'll know why.
The cover is absolutely stunning. I'm not a big fan for the light blue but I love the dark one. Sometimes it disturbs me, because it reminds me of something but when I look at it again and again, I just found myself adoring it. 
I have it 4,5 stars because I really enjoyed it. Why not 5 stars because there were some points where I couldn't feel the link between me and the characters and the set. Other than that, it's beautiful!! No regret at all

*throws kisses*

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