Monday, May 12, 2014

The Struggles of Being an Indonesian

Hello hello hellowww!!! I'm back with another non-review post since I don't feel like reading because my books haven't arrived yet but I have quite a LOT of TBR pile. This time, I will confess an issue that has been disturbing me for quite sometimes now. I just want to share da feeels. Well I wrote this post like two or three weeks ago when I was stressed by the national exam thingy and now that it's over, I can finally post it :D
*meme included hahaha :p

I live in a country that has its own national language and it kinda sucks actually (in this case i mean :& , no offense). I live in Indonesia and our national language is Indonesian language*.

*Indonesian language in Indonesian is Bahasa Indonesia not only bahasa. Some people misunderstand this. Bahasa only means language actually /_\

Why is it related to books? Of course because most of the books are in Indonesian and english books are veeeery pricey because we have to import it. And the shipping to Indonesia is extremely expensive. Sometimes it can be more expensive than the book itself (well, most of the times) *sighs*  

Some international online bookstores also don't ship to Indonesia because they received some issues back then (i actually asked...I did :c I was too desperate)

These months, I buy quite a lot of english YA novels and I have 40+ wishlist...I have no idea what am I gonna do to fulfill it. My monthly money is very limited as a student. And I reaaally love hardbacks which costs likely 20 bucks each. Another problem...

In Indonesia, we don't have part-time jobs for high-schoolers - I am a high-schooler, so it means, there is no way to get extra money T^T 
Ohh..I hope the government somehow can make this country better so every single booklover here will just be more awesome (*^*/\)

Do we have any imported-books aka english bookstore? YES we do have few here. There are Periplus, Kinokuniya, and Books&Beyond. But they're still pricey enough compare to Book Depository and their locations are also quite far from the place I live. This is is... *sighs sighs sighs...* 

In the end, I still prefer Book Depository to buy my english books and hopefully we'll have more imported-books bookstores with cheaper price. BUT!! IF YOU ASK DO I LOVE INDONESIA OR NOT, YES I DO LOVE INDONESIA, A LOT <33 
This country is where I spend most of my years and I have a lot of friends and memories here. So yes I do love it tho it has a lot of problems.

Do you have the same problem as I do? Please comment down bellow :3 I'd love to hear some thoughts!


  1. Heyy, just found your blog through BBI, an yep totally agree on this!
    I don't really like Indonesian novel like the fluffy teenlit one, but foreign book are soo damn pricey here. But I've been relying from novel from publisher, lately, so I kinda manage to sort out the probs of being student and have no money for ourselves (Totally suck) :D

    And ooh, by the way, since you mentioned National Exams and all, were you an HS seniors? If soo, we're on the same age! *Squeals excitedly*

    Anyway, nice to meet you! Totally following this blog right now :)

    Neysa @ Papier Revue

    1. oh yeah, i used to love it sooo much. oh so you got free books from international publisher :O that's cool !!
      Noooo D: I'm (was?) on JHS senior but my brother is on the same age as you

      Thankyouu, that means a lot <3