About Me

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About Me*
*an updated version of the old introduction :)

Hi *throws banana* !! 
I'm Agnes Koo, well Agnesev is fine too, different callings same person. I was born on Indonesia's independence day on 1999, but it doesn't make me more special or something. 
I don't like this kind of introduction so I'll just mention 17 fun facts about myself!

  • I can't eat green bean, durian, sate, bacem, oncom, porridge, pecel because they don't bare well with my tongue. Ugh noooo!!!
  • I feel old at my age now .___.
  • I lurbbbb BANANA!!!! ps: chocolate, you're not least, trust me.
  • I'm an aerophobic who tends not to fear heights by riding flying fox while closing her eyes
  • I sing more than I read
  • I don't like cats because dogs hate them
  • I love hardbacks but hating them because of their prices
  • My mom is Chinese-Malaysian
  • I hate hearing my voice recorded
  • I am frontal hahahaha I can NOT keep my mouth shut of thoughts running through my mind
  • I'm pretty sure that my thigh is just half-size of a football player's 
  • I am an amateur graphic designer
  • I lived in Singapore back then when I was younger...only for a while :"((
  • My mom's big family (my cousins included) speak mandarin in daily life, but I can't speak nor write them fluently. I am ordinary ... (?)
  • I was shawol. okay. yes
Looking for more information? Drop a comment or mention me or something. I might write more bookish-related post and tags in the future :D

About BANA go-late and the changes here ^^;;


  1. hai agnes..
    ini kunjungan pertama saya sepertinya :)

    1. hai kak Helvry,
      semoga betah dan ada kunjungan-kunjugan berikutnya :D

  2. hai :D
    kunjungan pertama juga kayaknya. salam kenal :)

  3. lucu deh blog barunya, nggak kalah bagus sama yang lama :)
    kayaknya kamu masih muda banget ya, hahahaha tapi keren bisa ngedesain blog sendiri, semoga tambah rajin dan kece :)

    1. Bentar lagi naik level nih kak *promo* hihi. Terimakasih wishes-nya :D semoga ke depannya makin bagus lagi