Friday, October 17, 2014

Review: Fire with Fire by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

Title: Fire with Fire (Burn for Burn #2)
Author: Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian
Format: Paperback528 pages
ISBN13: 9781471116902
Published September 26th 2013 by Simon & Schuster Childrens Books 

I warn you not to read this review or else you will tempt to start this series /nods nods.
I’ve fallen for the one person I shouldn’t have. For the boy who broke Mary’s heart. For Rennie’s one true love. For Alex’s best friend. It has to end here. Now.
Their revenge has somehow turned into a mess. They need to fix it, they need to end it. Instead, Mary, Lillia, and Kat decided to continue what is left unfinished. 

This book is huuuuge. I hate cliffhanger. And that what happened with Burn for Burn. It took me a while to pick this book. Why is that? I promised to myself to only buy this book after I finish another book. So here it goes I couldn’t help myself :&

I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t continue the thing that I was curious about ;A; I was dying – I am overacting HAHAHA. So the thing was, from beginning to the middle, things had been going so slow but it’s not boring.

For your information as well, I am team Alex from the start *^*/\ that Lindy. I kept searching for him during the second book. Oh why is that guy so mysterious…

My favorite character beside Alex was Reeve somehow… well not exactly but he was different. He got charm etc etc. From middle ‘til the end, the twist was a bit too much. It’s kinda being illogical out of nowhere and I was confused.

Overall 4 stars because oh well, it’s Jenny Han’s writing. And Siobhan Vivian did amazing job as well OvO

ps: I'm so sorry for the lack of feelings in my review because it's been a week or so since I read it so kinda forget .__.v

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