Friday, May 30, 2014

May 2014 Book Haul #2

Another haul. YEAHHHH!!!
This is an unexpected haul. I had no plan to get more books by the end of May, but then Jakarta Book Fair…it called me. And here they are!!

I went to JBF with my mom yesterday (May 29th 2014) and got some books. The reason's because my mom is not going to be around for a week (or two?) and I only have 2-3 books to read on June so I need to get more or I’ll end up banging my head to the wall. There was Periplus stand there but I got there pretty late, around 1.30pm so maybe the awesome books had found its home before I arrived.

Wake and Lullaby by Amana Hocking
I don’t know about these books, but they’re from the Watersong series and I think it’s kinda like mermaid story? I don’t know, but I think I’ve heard her name few times, so yesh I’m excited!!
Deception by C.J. Redwine
This is the second book of the Defiance series..and stupidly…I don’t have the first book. I had no idea it was part of a series. I thought it’s a stand alone -__- Geez. I think it will be on my shelf for quite some times until I get the first book.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan
I didn’t have any plan to read this series but I really want to start the HoO series very soon because the covers are gorgoues asdfghjkl. Then I heard that it’s better to read PJO before start HoO, so I think, okay I’ll get it soon. Lucky I got them for 30% off! Saving some money is always nice ;)

If you are wondering about the painting stuffs, no I don't paint. Except you mean with school matters, then yes. Other than that, I prefer sketching or drawing.

So that’s all I get, and nope, there’s not going to be another May haul. It’s all guys..promise!


  1. I saw Deception too, I wanted to buy it but I could only find a copy with bad condition so I didn't buy it. I know it's part of trilogy, I didn't know it's the 2nd book XD PJO series is sooo GOOD, hope you'll enjoy it!

    1. i got it in perfect condition tho! I was just going to start it when-- oh my God...and i'm excited to read PJO very soon! :D

  2. You went to JBF on May 29th? I went there that day too! I've picked up Lullaby but I don't know why I didn't buy it. Seriously, until now I'm still wondering why (regrets, regrets). I've only read book 1-2 of the PJO series but I've read the whole HoO series. I read the HoO series first than PJO, and I'm looking forward to continue the series (I've been looking for book 3-5 with the same edition as my book 1-2, but it's pretty hard!)

    1. Yup! Oh I was there not for so long. Just like an hour or so and we arrive pretty late :( I only went to 3 stands I guess