Friday, May 30, 2014

How I Read Tag

source; edited by me
Again, read this from my favorite Indonesian Book-Blogger, Stefanie Sugia from The Bookie-Looker \o/
I’ve written this a while ago but I lost the data *sighs*. Well, I have a long post ahead, so let’s get started!

1. How do you find new books to read?

  • Booktube. I’ve been watching this awesome community for like 4 months now and they have awesome reviews and recommendations for those who love English books. It’s very helping. It feels like talking to a long lost friend just by watching them <333 Luvahhh. +) I’ll be posting my 7 favorite booktubers very soon ;)
  • Bookstagram. It’s an informal community that I’m also joining informally. I love to take and see photos of books long before I knew bookstagram exists. And when I did, I just loved them and joined them <3 Their recommendation are not so different than Booktube’s but you get to see their reading activities too! So it’s super fun actually.
  • Bookstore-Hunt. I don’t go to bookstore that often, so I do this sometime but that sometime too I got very very awesome books and I just love bookstore.  I love bookstore, yeah I do. And because I don’t go to bookstore a lot, lucky we have the internet. So I can go to the bookstore virtually.
  • Friends’ Recommendation. Nah I don’t do this really often too but sometimes I just love people’s recommendation. There are some friends of mine that love to read so we change recommendations pretty often. Or maybe with my virtual friends too? Haha, yes!

2. How did you get into reading?
I was waiting for my brother’s hair cut and got bored so I decided to go to bookstore and got 4 books, I read them all within a week and got more books after that. It’s all accident.




XDDDDDD That was when I started to read again. I used to read a lot of Spongebob comics back then (yesshh Spongebob!!) and a lot of kids books when I was a lot younger. My mom brought me and my brother to the countryside (when we lived aboard, every place was easy to reach xD) to read books and cycling every weekend. I used to hate novels because I thought they’re boring and no pictures. And now…I think it’s karma. Flol

3. Has your taste in books changed since you’ve gotten older?
It’s not a question when the answer will be absolutely yes. Like I said, I used to read kids’ books: comics, graphics books, etc and now I really love to read books with Young-Adult genre: romance, contemporary, fantasy, dystopian, etc. But then, I’m not old enough to actually decide that my taste has changed completely, since I’m getting older and older and I’m only-almost-fifteen by the time I write this down. Who knows I will love those kiddos books again? ;D

4. How often do you buy books?
I did not buy books that often because I’m a student with my mom’s money that I’m bringing around and it’s super limited. But these days I do buy books pretty often to celebrate the end of my junior high school period I think I buy books quite a lot this month. I buy them every week now? Hahaha and I refuse to confess that it’s overwhelming. I’m not planning to stop as long as I commit to read all the books I buy (^O^/\)

5. How did you get into book-blogging?
I mention her a lot these daysss but yeah, The Bookie-Looker was the reason I’m here now. I saw her post on my Twitter timeline back then because she’s working with a publisher and I follow that publisher so I saw her post and I loved and love her blog. Basically, I joined BBI few weeks later and I am here now because of her X)
BUT! I have blogged since 2010 I think? I fangirl on my previous blog on tumblr and actually got 0,5k followers, but I didn’t like it anymore so I stopped. What’s the use of pleasuring people when you don’t even enjoy it?

6. How do you react when you don’t like the end of a book?
7. How often have you taken a sneaky look at the back of the page to see if it’s a happy ending?
I don’t know why you make the question so long seriously -_- just say “How often do you spoil yourself?” and that’s it. It’s nine point five out of ten books. The rest 0,5 is I know how the ending will turn out, I have no interest for the book, or that book is pretty lucky XDDD

Lastly people I want to tag. I don’t know, just do it if you haven’t yet you’re reading this now. Have a nice day/night everyoneee!!! Blesses everywhere <3

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