Thursday, August 21, 2014

Birthday Buzz (+updates)

August 17th 2014 can't be repeated nor forgotten.
I got the chance to perform with the choir from my school. (I've just been here for like a month)
It was an amazing experience. Meeting these people with the same passion actually feels awesome.
Well by the way, August 17th was my birthday, you can see why I can never forget it.
School has been taking all my time. I rarely open internet or check my laptop.
Most of my times spend to practice my major instrument or to sleep (I don't know why I'm being a nocturnal since I entered this school).

I've been wanting to read since forever. BUT! Every time I flip those pages, I get sleepy and sleepier.
I haven't read anything during July except Landline by Rainbow Rowell.
On August, I hope I can read at least a book.

Le sigh.

Birthday book haul?
Yep, I do get some books. But it's not that amazing,
I can't spend too much money for books anymore since I didn't predict high school ass and it takes all my savings ;A;


You can start to read more about school and shits on my tumblr blog.
I think I'll post those shits from my phone.
Till then, see yaaaa :*

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