Friday, August 1, 2014

Love Letter to My Readers

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Dear Readers,

I won't be here for quite some times.
I'm not abandoning this blog behind,
so don't worry.
The reason why I'm gonna be on semi-hiatus,
school has been way more amazing than what I thought.

You know there's a place called home other than the real home.
It seems that I've found mine for now.
 Well, I'm saying that I'm focusing on my studies for a while.

By the way, I have some news.
First, I'm starting to learn how to play flute.
Second, I'm singing again. THIS IS BIG NEWS PEOPLE.
The reason why I enter music school is to sing.
I hadn't sung for at least 3 years back then.
And singing is the only way to toss my stresses away.
That's why, this is big news.

I'm leaving for now people.
I may post some reviews soon, but idk yet since there're a lot to settle a review.
I have drafts to be posted, but I need to edit the banner and such.
Well, reasons, but yeah.

I'll see ya very soon!! 
(Sorry I can't promise you when, but soon, soon.)

ps: if you think I stop reading, well no. It's just gotten lesser ._.v

*throws sarangs*


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  1. Hey but your birthday is coming soon. celebrate in here ! but, yeah my days too, more busy than before. so, fighting agnes! ^^9