Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015 !

I didn't prepare a lot, well well

Hey there guys! I planned to make this post since 29th but as usual I always messed my schedule up. So here it is on the 1/365 of 2015. There are a lot of things happened whether that's bookish or non bookish in 2014. So here is my resolution, wrap up and whatever popped up in my mind hehehe

Fyi: During holiday, I broke my laptop so I needed to wait until I finally get the new one and now I did. Meh too late.

Reading Challenges 

Oh geez. I joined a lot of challenges last year. But then, everything got messed. I need to write a lot of wrap up posts yet...yet...I don't make it (my time to do so). So I apologize to all the hosts that I couldn't submit my wrap up post. I actually did read a lot of books in the categories but I just....couldn't make time to write the wrap ups. 
On 2014 I
  • was planning to read 77 books but only completed 43 books in total
  • entered new authors reading challenge
  • entered books in english reading challenge
  • entered Lucky no.14 reading challenge
  • entered young adult reading challenge
  • entered Indonesian romance reading challenge
I can't tell how sorry I am right now and how disappointed I am with myself :((

Let's be rational hahaha, I'm just gonna join the one on Goodreads. Like, it's even good enough if I can complete it. I'm a busy little kiddo. I'm going to eat my tbr!

Book Hauls

I bought a LOT on 2014 (since it's day 1 of 2015 already heheh). Oh my. I don't even want to count it. Compare to the books I actually read, I got more than it. Well yeah.

Well I will keep buying books HAHA but this time I will control myself. I only buy what I am really planning to read, not those books that I-heard-a-lot-of-good-things blablabla. But first, I need and feel that I want to read as soon as I get it. Yeah. That's not gonna happen nes.


I've said before that there were (as usual) a lot of unexpected things happened. I was really a mess, but then there's always somebody or something else that gives me strength. God's always fair. The ups and downs and despite all the shits going on, He's there and gives me something to lean on. I thank Him for every single thing that I've been through on 2014. Oh my it's getting serious :" 
Well well.
I'll still be me, Agnes. But I want to thank more for everything I have, good or bad ones. 
I want to be there for my friends, every single time. Not only during happy times, but bad too.
I want to be a good student (*^*)/\ Hopefully my school will be success guys.
And a good daughter to my parents.
oh and 'that'

Have a blessed and blast year ahead.
Yours always <3

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  1. Happy new year Agnes! Good luck with your resolutions, God bless ! ;)