Friday, April 18, 2014

Divergent Movie Thoughts

I wrote it weeks ago :D
The school exam has ended!(school exam okay, school exam. not national exam!) Whoo! It’s time to watch Divergent. I couldn’t watch it during the premier in my country because –no doubt – it’s going to be crowded…beside, I got exam on the next Monday, that I have to study (which’s impossible I studied on Friday lol)
So today, just after exam, me and some friends went to the cinema to watch it. I just need to see Tobias asdfghjkl !!! I was just dying to see him…
And this is not a movie review, but it’s basically what I thought about it! ^^

It starts with a good explanation about the factions that make them who haven’t read it could understand. Well honestly, the world that I imagined when I read the book was just different once I saw the movie .__. They cut few lines from the book if I didn’t make mistake in the beginning, but it’s not that important. So I was having a good feeling that they didn’t cut any of my favorite parts…

It gets more interesting once Tris joins the Dauntless. I was having lack of imagination about the Dauntless’ area actually, so the movie really helped this time. Once I got to see Four…he was as charming as what I imagined. And it’s not only me who got excited. My friends were cheering as well hahahaha! During the movie, I chatted with my friend about “How could they made a- 400pages-book into a-two-hours-movie?”. And yes, I got the answer.

I was expecting that I could see interactions between Tris and her friends in quite a lot of scenes. But sadly, I felt like her friends in the book were just like cameos here :c (I really loved Christine tbh!). It’s not just that. They cut her moments with Four as well!!! I was cursing a lot like…

“That’s a good part! An important why…why did they….*beeeeep*?!!”. As for this time ‘I was having a good feeling that they didn’t cut any of my favorite parts’ didn’t work x)There are some scenes that are not in the book but are in the movie.

I personally felt, that from middle until the end wasn’t the best part. It just seemed more confusing. My friend who sat next to me was asking quite a lot, why was it like this, why like that. It went too fast, I guessed. It didn’t give explanation like in the beginning, which was quite disappointing.

The best part in the movie for me, was of course…the relationship between Four and Tris (even if I expected more scenes between the two, but it’s great though). Those single ladies who came with me were ‘Awww’-ing hahaha! Theo James IS definitely a baby and Four…he’s mysteriously-sexy (*^*/\)

Once the movie ended, I discussed it with my friend. I felt unfair to judge it on my own hmm…For them who haven’t read it, they said it was great and they loved it. Though, they ‘lost’ in some parts. And there were few friends who have read it as well, and they quite disappointed…it’s just shocking to have unwritten parts and those changes.

In the end, I personally loved it though it’s not that satisfying…for the you-know-why reason (re: they cut my favorite parts). But Shailene and Theo James (also the other casts as well ofc) were giving their best and really succeed represented the characters in the book very well. I’m looking forward to watch Insurgent!!

Ps: when is it going to release btw .___.?

The movie was great
But the book was amazing ;))

I bought the book a month ago and just arrived two weeks ago, I think. I was planning to watch it on early April but we changed the date (earlier) and I still hadn’t read it. So…I read it during my school exam. Pretty crazy hahaha. It took my three days to finish it, it’s fast :D


  1. Your blog is super cute, I love it ♥♥ ! Looking forward to more of your reviews ;D

    1. Thankyouu! You're my inspiration tbh *\^O^/*