Wednesday, April 30, 2014

(Indonesian Books) Collective Book Haul & Kpop Addict Book Nerd

Hey guyssss!!! I’m listing down what I got these 4 months. And because I’m gonna place a quite big order soon for English books, so I will only post my Indonesian books book haul for now. I have 10 books to list down. I actually have another one, but my friend is reading it, so…I’ll post what’s at home :D

Most of them are freebies actually, like from publisher and I won a contest and got books as the prize.The other ones are the books I bought half priced or old books that I’m planning to re-read or finish it because I never did and I just found them again when I re-organize my bookshelf ‘-‘ I’ve promised to post what I books that I got back then but…Sorreeehhh, was so busy!! Nationalexamnextweeknationalexamnextweek omg!
So here they’re :*

Simple Thinking About Bloodtype by Park Dong Sun, My Name is Kim Sam Soon by Ji Su Hyun, and Menanti Cinta by Adam Aksara

All of them are freebies. I got the first two books from Haru for winning their blog-contest? Or I don’t have any idea what it called. I got to choose 3 books, and I picked these two and another one as I said is currently on my friend’s house, and that is Cheer Boy by Asai Ryo (if I didn’t make mistake :&). I have read likely half of Simple Thinking About Bloodtype but I just need more time to finish it *slaps* and I haven’t read the second one at all. The last one was from the publisher that I got through BBI to be reviewed. I’ve posted the review, so you can check out what I thought about it.
The Alchemyst and The Magician from The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series by Michael Scott
If you guys been around from quite some times on my blog then you must’ve known that I actually posted pictures of these two back then. But they’re not mine. So I read them and loved them soo much (review here and here), so I really want to have my own copies. It was quite hard to find them since the publisher has closed down, but lucky I found them on a second-hand bookstore in good conditions.

The Necromancer and The Warlock from The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series by Michael Scott
It has the same caption with the previous picture but they’re from different bookstore and they’re brand new books plus half priced and I have only read The Necromancer and planning to read The Warlock after the national exam has ended soon ^^

Kyuli & 4 Cewek Cantik dalam kisah: Penyelamatan Pangeran Drakula and Warna Air by Kim Dong Hwa
I have read the first one and loved it when I was younger (4 years ago or so) and I’m planning to re-read it during the long holiday after national exam, again. I have read Warna Air but haven’t finished it because I was too young to understand what it meant back then and Kim Dong Hwa is one of my favorite writers because I really love his writing on Chicken Soup for The Soul – Perjalanan Ajaib.
Why? Happy Scince
I think I read it too but haven’t finished this one as well (I have so many books that I only read half in this haul *sighs*). I’m going to read this for a challenge for Not-My-Cup-Of-Tea. Yeah, as you see, non-fiction…

Oh yeah, the photo has that glass mark on the table and if you wonder why, because I drink tea every night and it leaves mark that I’m so lazy to clean it up hehe .___.v


I wasn’t planning too…but you must be wondering about what has to do with the post title “Kpop-Addict Book Nerd”


So I’m going to show you some of my book-related kpop stuffs.
Oh my God, they’re bookmarks! Yeah as you see :DD They’re beautiful. They’re magnetic bookmarks and printed with photo paper. I got them 4 years ago (I may be wrong because I…forgot). They’re IDR 75,000 for 12. I know it’s pricey but, HE IS TAEMIN IN THE BOOKMARKS OMG!

If you don’t know yet, I am actually an ex shawol. Ex, yes…I was a shawol. I have more bookmarks down bellow. This time I have no idea where did I get them…

Those are Super Junior and SHINee. WHOOOO!!! I have more Kpop stuffs and more stories about how I turned to a bookworm when I was previously a Kpop-addict, read moreamazing stuffs about this here! Gonna give some peek what’s in my drawer :p

And guys, please leave comments because I will really appreciate any kind of supports and I really want to know what you think about this haul and the stuffs I posted + please subscribe or follow me on bloglovin' too :3 *slaps myself because I asked too much*


  1. waaaa where did you get that Taemin magnetic bookmarks? Are they seling CNBLUE bookmarks as well? I want to buy one ^^ btw, your blog is pretty♡

    1. I got them from KPOPCONNECTION+ on Facebook. They have store at Taman Aggrek and I doubt they still have these stuffs because it's been a long time :(( thankyou so much😁💖