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The Fault in Our Stars Movie Talk

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I WATCHED THIS ON ITS PREMIER!! Let me start this with a story of my struggle to get the tickets. I had been dying to watch this since forever, then I knew there’s gonna be midnight movie. I really thought I can watch it, but then, I had 2d 1n family trip and I just landed that night TT^TT I almost cried because I couldn’t watch it on 21st. I decided to make m-Tix to make sure that I will get the seat for the movie. I went to the cinema only to get it but then something wrong happened and I went home with nothing. So on 26th, I arrived earlier and queued. I almost died because I got stuck at the edge of a glass door and people were pushing to get into the cinema. Oh my…luckily they mostly queued to watch Transformers and I got the tickets in my hands, but still, the studio was filled.

Ps: I forgot to bring the tissues that I prepare the night before. Like…uhm..okay.

For those who haven’t watched it or read the book, please do NOT read this. I don’t want to be blamed for any spoiler(s).

Let’s talk about the movie, now.

As the movie started, Hazel had her narration there, everyone’s holding their breaths (like ‘heehhh’, that kind of inhale). I could hear it clearly lol. The next thing popped up in my mind, I really loved the picture’s quality. I don’t know why but I think it’s the spotlight XD but yeah, the camera that they used was really cool and the picture’s quality turned out very very pretty!

When Isaac came out, everyone was gasping. Okay I know he is handsome, but can we focus on the movie for a sec? Nope, we can’t. Because once we gasped for Isaac’s appearance, we had nothing left to do for Augustus’ beside another gasp. I could hear myself chuckling, a bit. Don’t blame me. Ansel Elgort IS really good looking.

I really loved how Nathan played as Isaac because Isaac really brought cheerful feeling in the middle of this condition.

That moment when the whole studio actually blushed and chuckled was when Augustus Waters stared at Hazel Grace Lancaster way too intensely. Please DO NOT do that again. Ansel, you’re staring at us too that time. 

That time, I felt that the pace was kinda slow for a movie. I kept waiting for next thing and then next and next.

When they were in Amsterdam, I actually compared Hazel to Lidewij hahaha! We (my friend and I) commented that Lidewij was very pretty. I started crying when Peter Van Houten said bad things when he met Hazel and Gus. It was just not nice to see neither to hear.

Then it came that moment when Augustus and Hazel kissed all of sudden in the middle of crowd. We were like “Oh my let’s wait for Lidewij’s reaction!” Then they were clapping and we were like what the hell XDD it was very funny!

Everything was fine and I really loved how everyone played their roles until, Augustus cried. It’s not that I became sad or mellow or things like that, but Ansel’s expression was hilarious!! He actually jutted his lips out and it’s not like I hate Ansel (please, I love him SOOO much!!) or anything but I actually laughed quite hard that time. It’s not supposed to be that way…

+) I watched this twice. During the first time, people didn’t care about his expression but the second time I watched it, the whole studio actually recognized it and we all laughed. I even heard someone said, “Why is his expression like that?” XD it’s just funny, sorry.

Back to the sad atmosphere!

The climax was when Gus had his pre-funeral procession. During Isaac’s speech, I started to tear up more. I felt it again. The feel of losing your friend, your best friend and you don’t want to see the world without him/her? It was very sweet and nice.

There’s always something different between the movie and the book. But the good thing was I really loved how they combined it without actually cutting any important part.

I got to say that out of the romance in this movie, there were a lot of moral messages that this movie left to whoever watched it. It makes you grateful for what you have, to do the best every single day, to know that there are people out there who are unlucky, to appreciate what God gives us, and to live happily as much as we can. I learned a lot through this movie.

In the end, I felt there’s something missing and I don’t know what, but you absolutely need to watch this if you haven’t and read the book if you’re only halfway through it. I also want to give extra credit to the OSTs of this movie which are beautiful!! Stunning!

And again I want to say, in the end, please give the best of you every single day, because one day that we don’t know when, we will come back to Him who created us :) Please live happily and throw more love people <3

You know what? Don’t forget your tissue and bring at least a friend to watch this beautiful shit!

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