Friday, June 27, 2014

Fathom Friday #1

Thank God it’s Friday!!! This is BANA go-late! first special feature for this blog and it’s called “Fathom Friday”!

understand (a difficult problem or an enigmatic person) after much thought.

What is it? Well basically we together will get to know someone who loves books. It can be a book blogger, bookstagrammer, booktuber, or even writer! We gonna have a talk all about books and have fun together.

Today we will have a talk with a bookstagrammer! She is Maria from @httpsbooks on Instagram. I have known Maria since February/March, but that time I haven’t used my ig acc (re: I just stalked people, that’s why I made an acc XD). Why Maria? I was thinking who to choose because I have a long list of person I love so much, so I guessed it needed someone special. And I thought someone I never unfollow since day one and she is the one ;)

One day on May, I got notification “httpsbooks started following you.” and it’s so obvious that I screamed out loud lol xD So I think the introduction is way too long so let’s get started!!

Hi Maria, I am a huge fan of yours! How did you get into this community (bookstagram)?
Hey Agnes! Firstly I want to thank you for choosing me for this new feature on your blog! It's an honour, really. Thank you! I remember that I had just finished reading The Evolution Of Mara Dyer and I was on the relative tag on instagram. I saw a great picture from a great account (@saarbookjourney) and I followed them. I loved their pictures and I decided to create as well an instagram just for books of my own.
Do you have any aspects when you take your pictures?
I mostly try to take pictures that have white/light background in order to create a "theme".
What is the loveliest thing that someone ever commented on your picture?
I get so many lovely comments it's so hard to choose just one! The loveliest comments I ever received was in a picture I uploaded where I was saying how amazed I am with bookstagram. Everyone was so kind to me in the comments. I can't choose just one but all of those comments where extremely overwhelming.
When and how did you start reading?
I always loved books, since I was little. However, I started reading obsessively about a year ago when I came across 'Succubus Blues'. All thanks to Georgina's (the main character) passion for books. 
Beside reading, what is your hobby(ies)?
I'm a really boring person, besides reading the one thing I love to do is watch anime(japanese cartoons) and read manga(japanese comics). I'm obsessed.
What kind of story annoys you the most? (^^v I need to ask this haha)
When the main protagonist is a beautiful girl who doesn't know that she's beautiful. It's so annoying and it frustrates me so much because it's such a common story line for a YA book.
Does bookstagram-ing affect your real life? If yes, how?
Yes. Before bookstagram I used to spent all my day reading but now I also have to take pictures of my books and edit them and it does slows down a bit my reading. I'm also constantly checking my timeline for uploads, resulting the annoyance of the ones around me because they claim I'm antisocial..

Tell us 4 facts about yourself!
1. I am left-handed
2. I have a twin sister but we don't look alike

3. I love rock and metal music, Avenged Sevenfold is my favourite band

4. I constantly wish I could live in a book or an anime world

What is your all time favorite quote from a book?
One of my favourite quotes is by John Green in Looking for Alaska but sharing it would be spoiling so I'm always going with the spoiler free one by Cassandra Clare in The Infernal Devices said by Will Herondale:
“It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them.”

And now we will play a game! The rule is very simple, I will give you 5 uncompleted sentences, and all you have to do is complete it with characters’ names ;D
+) Be crazy, it’s legal here!

  • Nobody knows that Adrian Ivashkov and I are a thing.
  • Jacob (Twilight) has body odor that’s worse than a dog’s.
  • I stole Isabelle Lightwood’s lipstick, and she never knew.
  • I secretly imagine myself and Will Herondale every night.
  • I’m sure that Magnus Bane will look fantastic with ribbon on his hair.

Can you name us 3 books you’d recommend to everyone and 3 favorite authors of yours?
Favourite books

1. City of Heavenly Fire

2. Looking for Alaska

3. Champion (book 3 in the Legend trilogy)
Favourite authors
1. Cassandra Clare
2. John Green
3. Richelle Mead
Since we (sadly) have to end this, do you want to leave one word or two for readers or soon-to-be-reader out there?
Read what you like and feel free to share your real views about a book even if you think nobody is going to agree with you. Also, we read to enjoy so never be stressed about how many books you read.
It’s such a pleasure to have you on my blog! I will wait for more amazing photos from you <3
The pleasure was mine, thanks once again for having me
That’s all for this episode of Fathom Friday! Don’t forget to check @httpsbooks on Instagram and follow Maria :3

Pictures credit to Maria @httpsbooks (Please do NOT steal :D )

For info, Fathom Friday will be up at least 2 weeks once, so I’ll try to catch up with new person by then ;) Have a nice day/night everyone! God bless <3

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