Friday, April 18, 2014

BANA go-late!

Helloooo :D This is agnesev with new blog address, whooo~! I was previously known as Phiambooks on blogspot and now it has changed to BANA go-late!

And you guys must’ve been asking…why? Well, I easily get bored on something..include my blog name *sighs* okay. I will explain to you what “BANA go-late” means.

Maybe some of you (my friends who read this-maybe?) know that I really loooove banana. Like, really. So there it comes the banana. ‘Go’ is from mango. Months ago, I tried to combine banana and mango as juice, and they are….perfect (*^*/\). But ‘go’ here can mean ‘go’. Real ‘go’ I mean, duh (difficult to explain). And ‘late’, I was just planning to use “BANAgo” but then somebody has taken it D: so I added ‘late’ because I mostly read at night and until midnight. It’s more fun to be an owl.

The whole meaning is “Agnes who reads until late”. Hahahaha doesn’t make any sense *slaps*. Well just, I love it (as for now).

It’s not just the blog address that changed. I thought that I was being too calm, and I decided to show my real personality, which’s not calm at all.
There are going to be a lot of new contents (and I’m not going to throw a single spoiler here :p)

I was working quite hard to make the blog’s template because I had to spend more times because I made it manually during my exams. It came out to be quite pretty though :DD
I hope you guys enjoy your stay here, there are a lot of homework I need to fix on this blog, but well let’s BANA go-late! *dances hula-hula*

20140418 by agnesev