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Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Title: The Fault in Our Stars
Author: John Green
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 318
Published January 10th 2012 by Dutton Books

Hazel Grace is a teenager who has cancer that attacks her lungs. Her mom asks her to join the Cancer Kids Support Group that she hardly agrees but she finally does. It’s not that bad.

He is hot. It’s what she thinks about him for the first time. Augustus Waters. Augustus had osteosarcoma. Cancer that made him loses his leg. He is funny, goofy, and tough.

But the story doesn’t go well. It will never be. It it’s hard for others, it’s harder for the two. It’s just, not easy.


I had an absolutely high expectation about this book (of course, like who didn’t?) But well, I’ve heard some thoughts like

I didn’t cry like others did.
It’s not as good as I thought. Etc
Me: Well, whatever.

This books is NOT that love story with the characters having cheesy romance and act sick because they’re sick. Like no, ugh. That’s such annoying.
It’s the one with hidden encouragement behind it. Tons of meaningful words. Enjoyable one, very.

I LOVED GUS! I really did (ps: not because his name is Augustus—my birth month, ha!) He is very funny. I felt like I’ve known him forever. I kept laughing for the first 100 pages. It was a bit slow in the middle but yeah, who cares.

Hazel beautiful her name omg. Jealous jealous jealous otl :c Hazel is so strong and tough. Not type of girl who wants everyone’s attention because she is sick. I loved her. Be my friend, Hazel T^T

The storyline’s beautiful. The twist….was unpredictable. You have to read this. why? Because it’s not cheesy! You don’t need that cheesy skinship to get its feel. The characters made me feel they’re my friend. Made me feel I have to feel every emotions they had. Sad if someone’s sick or happy when they’re. it just made me feel I have to care about them. Like family did. (duh I’m the one who’s being cheesy x_x)

My favorite characters; everyone! They’re mostly funny and strong. I just simply loved this. the reason of my rating (you’ll see soon) was that I promised myself will give it if I cried in the end. And YESH I DID. NOOO! MY FAMILY!!! JUST NO JOHN TO THE GREEN…don’t do it :(((
I felt so lost just by reading it. I hope no one heard my sobs tho x)

The cover is simply cute. And once you read, you’ll know what it has to do with the title. I mean, YES! It’s the stars’ fault!

Well that’s all about this book. I’m so excited for the movie. I’m going to see Shai and Ansel Elgort in one scene yayyyy! Tho I just couldn’t imagine that-silly-Ansel as Gus. He is too dorky. Just like Gus actually, but I can’t imagine him when Gus is in serious mode hoho.


I watched the trailer two or so days after I finished reading. And, I’m pretty sure you DON’T want to see my reaction or else, everything is in CAPSLOCK. Phew, no right? Here’s my rating

predictable enough right? Hhahaha 

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