Friday, May 2, 2014

My Freedom, May!

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It's a monthly greeting \o/ whohooo!!!
As I said for quite a lot, I will face my national exam this Monday (5-8 May). And after that, DONE!! no more study, no more trial tests, no more exam. NO MORE HAHA YESSS!!

I have some bookish plan (on this blog and such) this month including some holidays too. WOOO yeahh! But now I'm writing this down, the national exam hasn't even started yet. Yet.

My first plan on May

Movie Marathon with my friends. Baddessss. We plan to watch book to movie adaption by the one and only Raditya Dika, Marmut Merah Jambu and the Amazing Spiderman. I haven't read the book itself because I think the old cover (they just released the new movie cover) wasn't really great. It's weird tbh. And I never read other books that he wrote too. I just have no plan to do so.

Book Haul. I am planning to buy some english books just to convince myself that it's all over and I can give a little gift for everything I've done in 3 years of Junior High School! I will show you what they're on my May book haul tho

Holiday holiday yeay. There are few plans for this one. The first one is to xx second to xx and maybe to xx. Lol, not gonna tell when I'm not sure either guys :pp

Bookish tags!!! This one is special for this blog. I have few tags that I've written them down but I can't upload them first because it's gonna take time for now and I still need to revise them first.

So yeah, those are my plans for this month. I may missed one or two like I always did. But, yeah! Happy national exam for myself *smiles bitterly*

Throwing some bookporn from Tumblr


  1. I'm also a ninth grader and I really feel you. How was your UN?

    1. it's a joke but it's not hahaha, i honestly don't know. i'm not a sress-before-test type but the teachers managed to make us calmer, so didn't nervous during the exam but nervous for the results! :D you?