Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chaegraphy: Elephant Novem

Last day of November. It's been a long month. Got a lot of new books and did a lot of amazing things this month. Let's start it, shall we? 

Elephant: they are big (not forgetting that they're so cute and gorgeous - i'm their fan :p)
November: the eleventh month from the word "Novem" (Latin) means ninth 

As I said, it's a big month and long one of course and a lot of things happened. My brother birthday, my friends birthday. I went for a school trip and missed few books to read. But to be honest, the school trip was amazing. One of the best I've ever had. Move to the exhausting homeworks, tests everyday, final exam preparation, extra lessons every everyday! And of course a lot of deadlines to go. It's a truly tiring month. 

Eleventh, I got 11 new books to read this month. Which I can't read all of them due to the schoolife (sigh T^T). Ninth, I read 9 books out of 11. I'm proud of myself I can finish those books because my schedule this month (re: November). I brought them to school and read them during breaks (okay read more about that here). And....this month I spent a lot of money. I don't want to count it, it makes me sad. There are more books to read next month (re: December). I borrowed them from friends, and I WILL read them after my final exam ended. 

End of words, next week there will be my final exam. I'm going to be on hiatus mode for a week. On Friday (12/6) I hooope so, I can at least finish my currently reading book. Hmmm...
Here are what I bought and read this month. 

List: (italic titles are reviewed - click to redirect)

*photos are taken and edited by me (^^/\)

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