Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bookstory: 在学校里看书

Boo! Hey, November almost reaches its end. And I'm here with my second Bookstory! This time, the theme is "在学校里看书" (Zài xuéxiào lǐ kàn shū), means "Read books at school". 
So this is what I've been doing for the past few weeks. I bought few books this month and the others are from last month's book-shopping but just arrived and my friends' books that I borrow(ed - some still on reading process, some have moved to another friend hoho). 
The reason is no other than my upcoming final exam!! This is really heartbreaking </3. 

I'm going to face my final exam next week, and I have a lot of books that I have and want to read.
And this week is such a heavy week for us because homework deadlines are everywhere on my calendar! Pheww~ One by one of those homeworks finally done, but two-by-two new books are coming to my bookshelf OTL. And the only way I can finish them is...

bring them to school and read them during breaks :D 

Tbh, it's not really effective. But I just figured that I enjoy reading while doing something else such as walking, listening to people's footsteps or just enjoying my friends busy with their homeworks and me...reading. 

(11/25) I had my Mandarin test and finished before the others did. So I collected my paper and took a novel and tadaaa~ I read while my friends were doing the test.And picture up there ^. On the same day (11/25), I brought them to school because some of my friends borrow it. I brought 10 novels today. Two novels for me to read (Paper Romance and Evergreen) and the other 8, for my friends (^^/\). But I went home with 5 new books that I borrow from 2 friends. 

(11/26) I came back with 3 novels borrowed from a friend :D So there are total of 8 new books for this week I borrow from my friends *^* 

Take a peek at them!

(11/27) My friends borrow 3 books of mine. Now my bookshelf is quite empty. And I don't like this view </3 

Well I think that's all for this Bookstory ^^;; Look like there will be less update for the next one week due to final exam. Pheww.. see ya!

ps: thanks to my mom as my automatic mandarin translator :p


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