Friday, October 25, 2013

Chaegraphy: Before Today

Chaek Photography

책 (Chaek) means book in Korean. So 'Chaegraphy' means book and photography, the books that I captured and edited :DD

Well actually there is nothing special about this but I really love to take photo(s) of books that I read. Because some of them aren't mine so it's better so keep the memory since I easily forget things e,e

And because I read these books months ago, I don't have any review of them. But once I have time to re-read them, I'll definitely write them down.

All these photos are taken with phone camera 

So, here are some books that I have since 2011, the picture are newly taken like 1-2 months ago :p



my first novel!




  • My Boyfriend's Wedding Dress by Kim Eun Jeong
  • Crying 100 Times by Nakamura Kou
  • Call Me Miss J. by Orizuka
  • I FOR YOU by Orizuka
  • Bangkok: The Journal by Moemoe Rizal
  • Seoulmate by Lia Indra Andriana
  • Swiss: Little Snow in Zürich by Alvi Syahrin
  • Dilema by Alvi Syahrin
  • Montase by Windry Ramadhina

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