Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas is Here!!

It's been 98457349 days since I posted something lol. Well, a lot of thing happened that made everything messed up. I'll tell ya mostly everything. Hihihingg

I just moved to Jogjakarta for one and another reason. It's just a month (I moved on November but hell lot preparation since September). I still need to adapt with the condition there, well the bookish thing is, bookstore is faaaar away from the place I live. So I don't get to buy books that often. It's not like my tbr is gone btw HAHA.

So to make it clearer, due to the activites that I didn't expect, I actually had changed my goodreads reading challenge from 77 to 52 but yet I just changed it again to 43 because I know I couldn't make it. 
The path I'm walking right now makes me need to use most of my time to practice and take a rest. I want to read but it's either I'm not in the mood or too tired to do it. It's not a slump, but it is hahaha.

BUT I do still buy a lot of books, for me at least. I have more than 10 books in my tbr (which is big number to me lol) and keep getting more. I'm gonna read them people, really. 
Good news is I'm starting the Harry Potter series. Nah. Yeah. 

I know you're throwing bananas. So I think enough for today. Have a very Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. May the joy be with you always <3

I'm gonna post more on 2015. Really.


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