Sunday, February 16, 2014

Phiam is hibernating on her warm bed

It's so sad that I have to say....
I'm on hiatus

I've been really busy lately that I couldn't spend a lot of time to read books. Well, I actually did. I read a lot of practice books. It's all because the exam is getting closer :((( I really hate how I have to push myself to do stuffs I hate..studying.

Well, basically I have to focus on it, so I have to rest a bit from my bookish-life. It's not that I don't read anymore, just that I can't promise to review them. I will be on hiatus mode for like three weeks and the worst gonna be one month. I will review the books that I read offline-ly. 

I'm listing it now....

Test on end of February
beginning of March
end of March gonna be super busy with another test
end of April is disaster
early May it will be the last sacrifice...

I don't know it's gonna be that much .___.

The gifs are full with Luhan hohoho. I'm not an exotic or Lulu's fan, but well...he is a great singer. Just using his face for now ;3

Hopefully I have time to make new theme for this blog. Hmmm....even it's kinda impossible though :"

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