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Review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Thanks to my friends who invited me to watch The Hunger Games #2: Catching Fire. Now I'm addicted to it :p
Team Katniss-Peeta ! hahaha

Title: The Hunger Games
Writer: Suzanne Collins
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Number of pages: 374pg
Price: IDR 229,000 (Trilogy Box Set - Asian Version)

Rating: 5/5 stars 
“So, here’s what you do. You win, you go home. She can’t turn you down then, eh?” says Caesar encouragingly. 
“I don’t think it’s going to work out. Winning…won’t help in my case,” says Peeta. 
“Why ever not?” says Caesar, mystified. 
Peeta blushes beet red and stammers out. “Because…because…she came here with me.”

A seventeen-year-old Katniss Everdeen lives in District 12, one of 12 districts in Panem with her mother and her younger sister, Prim. They live in the Seam. Every district has it owns way for the people to get food. In District 12, Katniss hunts in the woods with her friend, Gale. They sell the hunted animals they get and exchange it with things they need.

Every year, the Captiol holds The Hunger Games as a commemoration of the uprising happened years ago. From the age of 12, the kids have to put their names for reaping. Once they are 13, they will put their names twice, thrice when they’re 14 and so on. This year is Prim’s first reaping. They go to the square to know who the tributes are, this year. There will be a boy and a girl to represent each district.
Katniss hopes her name doesn’t read out this year. And yes it doesn’t. The girl tribute for this year is Primrose Everdeen, her sister. Katniss who loves her sister more than anything willing herself to volunteer and replace her sister’s position. And now, she is the girl to represent District 12 in the 74th Hunger Games. Katniss herself, is frightens. Then goes to the boy tribute,
Peeta Mellark.

Katniss knows him, even though she never talks to him. He was that boy who helped her from starving back then. When asks if someone wants to volunteer his place, no one does. So here they are. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, the tributes from District 12. They will face the other 22 tributes from other 11 districts. They have to kill them to stay alive in the place sets by the Capitol that they don’t even know to stay alive. In the end there will be only one person, one winner.

Deep in the meadow, under the willow 
A bed of grass, a soft green pillow 
Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes 
And when again they open, the sun will rise.

I watched Catching Fire few days before my final exam which is last week and fell in love with the story. I asked my friends about the books and they said they’re lovely. I went to bookstore right after it and purchased a copy of the trilogy box set. The movie made me not concentrate during the test. I really needed to read it. And finally, I realized that I’m in love with this Hunger Games thing. And yes, I haven’t watched The Hunger Games itself OuO

Loving this book sooo much!! I spent 3 nights to read it. Yes, three nights since I can’t spend my day. Every chapter made me more curious. It’s like there is invisible line, Keep reading, more, more, just another page. And I ended up can’t stop reading this. The book gets more exciting as it entered the game. I had no idea how this book brings me to its own fantasy world. The romance thingy, adventures, friendship, everything! They whole thing just made me addicted to it. I really love Katniss in the story so much, and I love Peeta Mellark even more. Since I watched Catching Fire, I had that thought that he is really cute, cool, gentle, and lovely. I even searched about Josh Hutcherson – actor who plays as Peeta – *^*. He is my favorite fiction character so far

This is an undoubtedly awesome book! Love it so much~ 

Throwing some picspam of Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) *\^^/*


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