Friday, January 31, 2014

Hey! Jandubi doooo bidam!

I'm gonna use Singlish now, so please bear with the weirdo of my Singlish hihi

This is my first monthly diary, here, I will share what happened this month and my bookish life. Things happened, you like or not..they still happened right?
January ends quite quick yaa.../sigh/ a lot of things happened this month, especially to me. In early January, my school held Christmas celebration and I had my part in it, so it took some of my time and energy. 

And here are some photos (taken by a friend of mine)

They are my bookish friends. We borrow and lend our books to each other. Without them, I think, I had burned my wallet off. Oh and! those photos are edited, real ones are brighter actually. Just in case you want to know :p

Days passed, and it's time where all of students either hate it and love it. For those who got good scores, it must be really nice. And for those who didn't, hmm...forget it. What else?? Report! I didn't take the report with my parents. I had meeting at school (another project; year book). The new project of course will take my energy and time more and more.../sigh sigh sigh/. Back to my report...back to my report...yeah...I was like "Oh I don't care about my report...I surrender...". BUT! Hiii, I got the first rank in my class (^^/\) /throws confetti and dances gangnam style/. It's really unexpected since I read a lot of books back then :3

Report is just a piece of paper with unused numbers. Un-important (as for me). I don't really have that 'fighting spirit' in studies anymore - i think. Now let's just continue this. I have a lot of tests ahead. I will face the first Try Out from school this Monday and Tuesday yet I'm not ready. I didn't prepare like my friends did :c Now I'm on my desk and forcing my dying brain to work. I hate studying, I always do. Like tomorrow no test, no need study lar. But I'm really doing these papers. Learning, studying, dying. This one of of those reasons of lack review update.

Other than that, I didn't get to read a lot of books this month. I was extremely busy, and if it's possible, I am in reader's-block-mood. All books seem so boring.
And this month I had to choose my SHS. It's really difficult T^T

This month, I joint competition from Haru. Luckily, I won!!! I got 3 books, pencil-case-stand, and bookcover from Emerald Green Label for free. For the books, I chose Cheer Boy!!, Simple Thinking About Bloodtype, and My Name is Kim Samsoon. I will post the picture next month along with February bookhaul. Thanks Haru for the books ^^;;

The next 3 months will be really hard for me, so...I don't have any strategies. Work hard and work hard! Well, I only can say that hahaha. Hopefully new books coming along with the studies. Fighting everyone! God bless :))

And I wanna say Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!! May this year will bring us bests of luck, health, and good prosperity for all of us!! Angpao na lai ;))
credit to Afterhours Books


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